IDE for debugging

Michael Geary Mike at
Wed Dec 24 22:01:50 CET 2003

python newbie wrote:
> Ok, now I'm thinking _not_ Komodo, because it requires ActivePython,
> and I'd prefer to stick with my installation of Python.

Komodo doesn't require ActivePython. It works fine with the

The Komodo release notes say that some advanced features require
ActivePython, but I would bet that if you install the same extra modules
that ActivePython provides (especially Mark Hammond's extensions on Windows)
it would work just as well.

> If you still have advice as to what debugger you use for wxPython
> programs, I'd welcome the advice.

I would suggest trying more than one and see which you like the best. Komodo
is my favorite, but I tried all of the ones people have mentioned in this
thread before settling on it.


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