web programming: experiences with non-zope frameworks?

Brendan O'Connor brendano at stanford.edu
Sun Dec 21 08:06:39 CET 2003

Hello world,

I love python and desparately want to get away from php for programming a
web app.  I've read numerous summaries of the toolkits out there --
especially the shootout, http://colorstudy.com/docs/shootout.html -- but
there are SO many frameworks, it really feels like there's no clear-cut
choice for an appserver-based or even mod_python-based framework, and very
few judgement calls on what differentiates toolkits from each other.

I was wondering if anyone would like to share their experiences with the
various frameworks in non-zope land.  WebWare and SkunkWeb both look
quite good to me; sqlobject was mentioned earlier here, and looks
intuitive and quite useful.  Spyce looks like a good templating system.
But so does skunkweb's stml, and then there's a zillion more of them...

Can anyone make comparisons among the different frameworks?  What
combinations of packages do people use?  Are *any* of them substantially
more popular than any other?

I think it would be nice to have not another list of several dozen one-man
projects, but rather a collection of practical knowledge to narrow a
python web programmer's options to the realistic and mature choices.

If I can't find any clarity, I'm gonna be consigned to php hell for a long
time coming...

Thanks a lot!
Brendan O'Connor



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