Save the pythons.

Paul Rubin http
Thu Dec 18 02:07:10 CET 2003

Hans Nowak <hans at> writes:
> > Classes are great, but once there are 1000 of them, inheriting
> > from each other, I cannot avoid comparing this unpleasant
> > situation to java.
> Python's standard library hasn't quite reached the size of Java's, though.

I think it's less an issue of library size, than tasteless design.
Java's libraries really seems to take OO obsession to unhealthy
lengths.  I think there's some truth to the notion that Python is
getting that disease a little bit.  It's often more convenient to pass
a function to some module (e.g. a callback), than to subclass a
library class, but Java programmers want to do stuff by subclassing
anyway.  You can see something similar in the Python urllib class
(to provide an http basic auth password you have to make a subclass)
or in the SocketServer library.

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