lookin' for Python magazines

John Benson jsbenson at bensonsystems.com
Tue Dec 16 17:48:12 CET 2003

At first, I looked for Linux magazines to convince me that Linux was
worthwhile, and then realized that the real information flow was on the
Internet: in point of fact, that's how it really got rolling. As a result, I
never even looked for a magazine for Python, since just plowing through the
mailing list keeps me well occupied and greatly entertained. I don't see how
any print-based media could improve on scanning the mailing list, except
that you see a few ads and some glossy pictures. But I can post a question
to a list and get pretty immediate gratification, which print-based media
just can't supply.

It's fun to see pictures of the people that bulk large in the different open
source tribes, so maybe a kind of "Life" photojournalism offering or picture
calendars would be more entertaining than static text on dead trees. Think
of the possibilities (besides the swimsuit issue): "Programmers and their
cars," "90-second Programmer Biographies," "I was a COBOL programmer: Now it
can be told," and, of course "Storage Jars: The Programmer's Best Friend."

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