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Thu Dec 25 03:07:42 CET 2003

Thanks MIke.
 I forgot to add another note, by the way, that I received an email from
ActiveState correcting me on this.
I will add your positive mention to my ultimate decision.
"Michael Geary" <Mike at> wrote in message
news:vujvlup1v3cs99 at
> python newbie wrote:
> > Ok, now I'm thinking _not_ Komodo, because it requires ActivePython,
> > and I'd prefer to stick with my installation of Python.
> Komodo doesn't require ActivePython. It works fine with the
> distribution.
> The Komodo release notes say that some advanced features require
> ActivePython, but I would bet that if you install the same extra modules
> that ActivePython provides (especially Mark Hammond's extensions on
> it would work just as well.
> > If you still have advice as to what debugger you use for wxPython
> > programs, I'd welcome the advice.
> I would suggest trying more than one and see which you like the best.
> is my favorite, but I tried all of the ones people have mentioned in this
> thread before settling on it.
> -Mike

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