Tkinter and OS X 10.3?

Russell E. Owen no at spam.invalid
Wed Dec 24 01:47:38 CET 2003

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 rstephens at (Ron Stephens) wrote:

>I'm sorry to hear about those problems, Russell. I am using Tkinter on
>Aqua, and I guess now that I think about it, I've noticed a few
>non-perfect looking dialogs or widgets, but they didnt really bother
>I'm still using the Ptyhon 2.3 that came installed on Panther, I
>believe, and I hadn't hear about the diffiulties upgrading to a new
>Python version; it almost makes me want to try it to find out what
>troubels lurk. Maybe I will and report back...

Well, I'm not sure how serious the problem actually is. I may have 
overstated it. Hoping to hear soon.

In any case, the file dialog problem somehow went away when I went to 
Panther, so I only see those cosmetic problems I mentioned (some of 
which are helped by careful choice of fonts). I'm not sure what's up 
with the file dialog, but I'm not about to complain.

One minor warning when building Python for X11: python *may* pick up the 
framework tcl/tk in /Library/Frameworks instead of the X11 version in 
/usr/local. The symptom I had was Tkinter running in aqua (and not 
coming to the front) and I'm not entirely sure it was a bad build (it 
may have simply been tcsh caching info). I am sure I finally got x11 
python to build correctly after I trashed my /Library/Frameworks tcl and 
tk (restoring them after the build).

Summary: both aqua and X11 versions of Python are working well for me.

Panther's X11 is significantly nicer, too. A problem I had with windows 
that were too tall is gone, and one can quit without getting a 
confirmation dialog box!

-- Russell

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