ANN: pythonfs - create linux filesystems in python

Paul McGuire ptmcg at
Mon Dec 8 15:04:55 CET 2003

Here's another idea, piggybacking on the /proc filesystem:

Use this pseudo-filesystem to create a query front-end to a database, using
a file directory application metaphor.  The database could contain
information on say patients in a hospital, or lots or equipment in a
factory, or active claims in an insurance office.  Then under the main
directory, each claim could have a directory of its own, with sub-files
containing a summary text description, a subdirectory of claim event
"files," and so on.  You could also have directories that organize claims by
category or status, with "links" to the actual claim directories in the
associated category directories.  All of this with the GUI of a simple file
browser (or a real browser!), and very flexible.  If you find out that users
often want to know about claims over a certain amount, or that have remained
uncleared longer than a certain threshold period, just add another

In a directory tree, it might look like:

and so on.  In reality there are no "files" or "directories," but this
filesystem utility makes it look like there are.

Or maybe just use this as a flexible rapid prototyping or requirements
gathering technique - then once the structure stabilizes, build into an
application GUI with menus (maybe leave the filesystem around for "expert"

-- Paul

"Rene Pijlman" < at> wrote in
message news:fmt8tvcqgmduhj5e6c46fukbtihkvrjtg8 at
> David McNab:
> >a framework which allows mountable linux filesystems to be
> >implemented in pure python.
> Serious question: why?
> -- 
> René Pijlman

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