control-c and threads

Lee Harr missive at
Fri Dec 19 23:22:17 CET 2003

On 2003-12-19, Srikanth Mandava <Srikanth.Mandava at> wrote:
>  When a signal handler is registered in the main thread and
>  "control-c" is entered, the child thread is getting the
>  KeyboardInterrupt exception(The documentation says the main thread
>  MUST receive the signal handler function call if handler is
>  registered). 
>  In python 2.2.1 the main thread was always called with
>  the sigint signal handler which was registered. In my case the
>  child thread is waiting on stdin using "raw_input" function. This
>  seems to be causing all sorts of strange behavior in the program
>  once the child thread gets the keyboardinterrupt exception and
>  eventually leading to seg fault on a sys exit .
>  Any idea why this is happening in 2.3.1? This scenario worked in
>  2.2.1. Is this fixed in 2.3.2?.

Do you have a minimal example that shows this behavior? I'd be happy
to run it with 2.3.2 and test it out...

PS> please post only plain text to the list.

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