ANN: pythonfs - create linux filesystems in python

Mike Rovner mike at
Wed Dec 10 21:45:21 CET 2003

Paul Boddie wrote:
> "Mike Rovner" <mike at> wrote in message
> news:<mailman.2.1070995896.9307.python-list at>...
>> It reminds me of Microsoft's promise to combine RDBMS and file
>> system in a new Longhorn OS. Several years ago that idea was highly
>> popular but nothing came out.

You misquoted me a bit ;)
I ment (expanding the previous author) it can be used to provide "different
to the same data" (database) in contrast to the "same view on the different
data" aka filesystem.

> Longhorn isn't supposed to be out before 2006, unless you live in
> Malaysia (apparently). Is this a message from the future? ;-)

I red 2005. So I live on the same planet at least. :)

> Actually, I can imagine that it isn't quite equivalent to the
> much-hyped Longhorn features and the GNOME Storage stuff, since a
> filesystem typically provides a fairly rigid naming interface,

No. The whole idea was to invert that. You use familiar approach (and api)
to get to dynamic data (as in /proc).

>> That approach may be very interesting to allow user to use some
>> plug-ins for the file system (access, security, notification, etc.).
> course)? Python lets you do HTTP, FTP and loads of other protocols
> fairly trivially - imagine hooking that up to a filesystem interface.

Right, the whole universe. Don't fix up on my list.


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