Storing pairs of (int, int) in a database : which db to choose ?

Paul Rubin http
Wed Dec 24 11:28:51 CET 2003

andreif at (Stormbringer) writes:
> Sounds like a poorly designed system the one you messed with.

The system I messed with wasn't designed for high volumes of updates.

> Even if it was limited i/o traffic I am not sure how to do profiling
> to find out if this is the case (although I do have doubts about this)
> - any suggesions how ?

A crude but maybe useful thing you can do is just observe the CPU load
while the program is running.  If the CPU load is low but you hear the
disk banging around, you're i/o bound.  As for profiling, there's a
Python profiler documented in the Python library manual, that's the
first thing to try.

There's a good article series on full text indexing at which
might interest you, by the way.  It was linked from Slashdot a couple
days ago.

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