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Irmen de Jong irmen at
Sat Dec 27 14:24:18 CET 2003

Will Stuyvesant wrote:

>>[Irmen de Jong]
>>While not written *in* Python, it's scriptable with Python:
>>  (PAngband).
>>waaay back someone even created an Amiga version of this
>>game based upon Amiga Angband and my AmigaPython port :)
> You did an AmigaPython port? Fun! How long does something like that
> take?

Yeah, I did, years ago :-)

How long it took to port Python to the Amiga? A few weeks
work in my spare time... I used a totally different compiler
and had to adapt and extend the code to AmigaDOS.

How long it took to create a PAngband version on the Amiga?
I have no idea, I wasn't involved in that :-)

> How long do you think a new roguelike from scratch would take in
> Python and where the most time is spent?  I am afraid of a lot of work
> on options like magic and +ToHit etc., while I am more interested in a
> smaller set of options but with a really smart AI.

If you're creating a game from scratch, most time will be spent
in game rules, combat rules, and balancing (!). Creating a good
balanced game is hard, I've been told.
Depending on what you want to do the actual programming
can take a lot of time too, if you want 'really smart' AI...
If you want to do a single player experience you'll need that,
if you go for a (massive?)multiplayer experience you don't really
need smart AI because the other characters are also played
by humans :-) But that's not 'roguelike', is it?


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