Separation of content and code for web (was Re: Python for web?)

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Wed Dec 3 11:33:45 CET 2003

Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote in message news:<3FCC9A98.193ED480 at>...

> Apparently all you PyMeld types like to lie in wait and then reply in
> groups. ;-)
> Thanks Richie! (and Paul and Hamish, for the same answer)  This looks 
> promising.

<hem-hem> Au-contraire: I was shamelessly whoring my own solution,
HTMLTemplate.:) Same basic idea: munch an XHTML template into objects
according to tag attributes, but the implementation and API are quite
different. Give it a go, I'd be interested to know what you think.

> I'm looking forward to a more extensive look at it.  (I was about to say
> I'd be happy to contribute improvements, but we (a company) were planning 
> to release our own under a BSD license at some point, whereas I see yours 
> has the more restrictive SleepyCat license (commercial use for a fee only), 
> so I'm afraid I might do nothing more than pick over the best ideas from 
> your API rather than look into the code itself.)

FWIW, HTMLTemplate is LGPL.



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