Changing the contents of a displaying gtk window thorough the command line

John Hunter jdhunter at
Mon Dec 1 16:03:45 CET 2003

>>>>> "suresh" == suresh j <sureshjeeva00 at> writes:

    suresh> Hi, I am using gtk module.  With that after creating the
    suresh> window, I call the "gtk main loop()" function, after which
    suresh> the window is displayed.  I want to change the contents of
    suresh> this window while it is being displayed, througth the
    suresh> python interpreter .  Is there a way to do that.

Attached below is Py_Shell (by Pier Carteri based upon code by Jon
Anderson) , which enables interactive control of GTK windows.

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There is another interactive shell which uses threading in the Python

John Hunter 

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