Leo 4.1 rc1 released

Miklós nospam at nowhere.hu
Tue Dec 16 04:41:51 CET 2003


I've just downloaded v4.1-rc1 (I was running 4.0) and there's that new vim
plugin which talks to vim running as a server..
This will finely do for me now even though the options you suggested are
also nice.   I will put up with that Vim is not running in the editor pane
proper but in a
seperate shell window.. That would be possibly even cooler but now I'm
really happy with this. :)
My Vim shortcuts + my syntax highlights + my Vim macros + power editing
capabilities in Vim + Leo outlines to get things organized and managable...

I wish my other wishes were fulfilled in such a timely manner. ;)

Leo (and Edward, its father) rulez!!! Thanks a lot!

One more question: Where's the Leo file format documented? (say, with a DTD
but a semantic description would be possibly better)  Have I missed this

Truly*  yours,

* and I mean it

PS: Hey, people out there, you can't imagine how neat and incredibly useful
this outlining editor thing, called Leo, is if you don't  try it yourself...

Edward K. Ream <edreamleo at charter.net> wrote in message
news:vtsjj7rtsc0nb3 at corp.supernews.com...
> > While the edit pane is fine I do want my favorite Vim...  Is this
> > somehow?   I mean to embed Vim in the window..
> This is a reasonable thing to want to do.  There are several possible
> approaches:
> 1. Run Leo from Vim.  This is now possible in Leo's batch mode.  When
> executed from the command line Leo uses a "null gui" so nothing gets put
> the screen.  You can optionally turn off all of Leo's log output, which
> would otherwise go to the console window.
> 2. Implement scintilla/scite using Leo's experimental wxPython plugin.
> quite the same as Vim.
> 3. Use something like pymacs to communicate between Emacs and Leo.  This
> in the daydream stage.  Leo now has a Vim/Scite SIG and I welcome
> ideas and code there.
> Edward
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