Terminal "hang up" problem

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Tue Dec 16 01:57:11 CET 2003

    JD> What is the best way to debug a Python program if when i run it, it
    JD> totally hangs up the terminal console.

    JD> Control-c or control-d has NO effect, so it's hung up somewhere, but
    JD> we have no idea where.

Does it use X?  If so, try setting your DISPLAY to another box.  (Maybe it's
hanging the X server.)  If not, try ssh'ing into the box from another
machine.  Can you run top in another window while it runs?  Perhaps it's
chewing up gobs of memory (got any monster range() calls in there)?

If you give us some more details about how you think it's supposed to
interact with the system we might be able to provide some more debugging


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