Broken python-model.el

Peter Milliken PeterM at
Thu Dec 18 21:38:07 CET 2003

G'Day Skip,

Sorry mate, I haven't been following the progress of python-mode.el at
sourceforge. I have been using 4.6 (warts and all) and just followed up John
Lee's reference. 

So I don't even know what the "trailing builtin" problem is :-) All I know
is that I don't like the way python-mode.el (currently) tries to find
shadowed builtins. I would hardly call highlighting the "ord" in
"swimrecord" as showing a shadowed builtin :-) I found the current mechanism
highly annoying to be honest as it distracts rather than enhances.

Good luck with your efforts though and I'll certainly keep an eye on the
progress there at sourceforge now that I know about it.


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    Peter> Initial impressions is that I will re-download the 4.6 version
    Peter> available from the python web-site. One of the annoying things
    Peter> that hits you right in the face (and this is terribly unfair to
    Peter> the sourceforge team working on it! - it hasn't been released
    Peter> after all :-)) is the "blind" fontification of what are believed
    Peter> to be Python keywords by the authors.

    Peter> This list includes words such as "Exception", "ord", "self" plus
    Peter> a host of others. So variables that I have such as "swimrecord"
    Peter> has the "ord" portion font coloured differently from the rest of
    Peter> the string, "ChildException" has the "Exception" differently
    Peter> coloured than the "Child" portion, "self" is a different colour
    Peter> from the rest of the variable usage i.e. self.Name has "self" and
    Peter> "Name" colourised differently - extremely annoying and *not* what
    Peter> I expect the authors want to achieve! Certainly not what I want
    Peter> in an edit session! :-)

That's a feature I added recently.  It's intended to highlight variables
which might be shadowing builtins.  Eventually, it should be a
user-configurable feature.  I checked in a fix to the "trailing builtin"
problem a couple days ago.  Have you tried that yet?


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