Broken python-model.el

Peter Milliken PeterM at
Thu Dec 18 22:11:40 CET 2003

Still shows as 4.40 - I'll give it another go in about an hour or so, there
must be a delay between you checking in and what I can see here.


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    Peter> Well, I downloaded the python-mode.el just this morning as I was
    Peter> reading the news group. So it was about 1 - 1.5 hours ago (it's
    Peter> now 7:50am in Sydney, so I would have tried it probably about
    Peter> 6:30am) now that I downloaded python-mode.el (4.40) and had that
    Peter> exact problem.

    Peter> Do you mean you have changed the code since then? The revision
    Peter> number in the file doesn't seem to have changed (looking at
    Peter> sourceforge again now). So I don't think it is fixed :-)

Ack!  Fixed locally.  Didn't check it in... :-(

Try 4.41 (just checked in).


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