java.awt.Robot equivalent?

Christopher Koppler klapotec at
Fri Dec 12 13:19:25 CET 2003

I need to simulate mouseclicks (in Win2K) in another application's
window. Googling threw up java.awt.Robot, and a bit of trial and error
showed that it could do what I needed (simulate a mouseclick on an
open window). However, I don't want to use Java (or Jython) if I can
avoid it, as I already have a Python 2.3 app, which works quite
nicely, thank you, and which needs to click into a foreign window.

Is this capability available in any of the GUI toolkits (searching
Tkinter docs brought up nothing)? Is there a C library that I could
wrap? Or maybe I just need to use the Windows extensions. But if so,
how - I don't have the slightest idea how that would work.

Anyone have any pointers?


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