What GUI toolkit looks the best?

Paul Rubin http
Thu Dec 11 16:05:30 CET 2003

claird at lairds.com (Cameron Laird) writes:
> I persist at this out of concern that I'm not making things clear.
> My stake, incidentally, is that you be successful, not that you
> use any particular toolkit.
> The second URL gives working code that you can use immediately in
> your own applications to improve their appearance.  This is not an
> extension or anything at all difficult or constraining; it's just
> a little prologue that refines the standard Tkinter appearance.  
> It *is* in use, right now, in several applications that must have
> professional appearances.  The first URL is about committee work,
> essentially, that will fold the enhancements of the second URL
> back into the standard Tk distribution.

Oh cool.  The second screen shot on that page ("after") does look a
lot better than the "before" shot.  I guess I'll look at it more
carefully, but Tkinter has always made me cringe because of its use of
tcl (why does it need its own extension language if Python itself is
supposed to be such a good one)?  Thanks.

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