hex and little endian

Matteo Memelli cipher at be4mind.com
Sat Dec 13 12:54:09 CET 2003

Hello I'm getting in trouble....
I'm trying to convert an hex address like 0xbfffe2f1 in little endian
format \xf1\xe2\xff\xbf. Is there any funcion that can make this?
Whe I try to code somethig like this:
"\x%s\x%s\x%s\x%s" % (string1, string2, string3, string4)
I obtain this error:
ValueError: invalid \x escape

and if I escape the charachter "\" making something like this:
"\\x%s\\x%s\\x%s\\x%s" % (string1, string2, string3, string4)
It works but the resulting string is not an hex representation, I mean:
>>> len('\xaa\xaa\xaa\xaa')

>>> len('\\xaa\\xaa\\xaa\\xaa')

Can anyone help me?
Thank you very much in advance


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