nonlinear least square

Chris Friedl cfriedl at
Wed Dec 24 11:22:07 CET 2003

I recently found the Enthought python packages (2.2 & 2.3) which bundles a
whole lot of scientific/numeric/visualisation python code (see Might be useful for you to get to the scipy

Merry Xmas

"Dmitry Rozmanov" <dima at> wrote in message
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> John J. Lee wrote:
> Thank you for the suggestion.
> Yes, I do not like to have to install Scientific Python just for this
> purpose. As I understand it has some modules which have to be compiled
> anyway.
> I would be really grateful for any example code you provide.
> BWT do you know such a standalone code for nonlinear equations set
> solving? Newton's method or something. I mean in Python only.
> Thank you again.
> Regards.
> ---Dmitry.
> > Konrad Hinsen's implementation in Scientific Python *is* in pure
> > Python, and as a consequence is probably about as simple as you're
> > going to get, I imagine.  Is it dependencies on Scientific Python that
> > you don't like?  If so, just dive in and remove them, if it's that
> > important to you -- I doubt you'll find a better pure Python
> > implementation.
> >
> > I can certainly testify that SciPy's MINPACK wrapper works fine, too.
> > I can dig out some example code if you like.
> >
> >
> > John

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