Lists and Tuples

Douglas Alan nessus at
Sun Dec 7 16:31:13 CET 2003

"Fredrik Lundh" <fredrik at> writes:

> as expected, you spent that thread attacking everyone who dis-
> agreed with you, misrepresented other people's arguments, referred
> to implementation artifacts and design mistakes as "proof", and used
> the same muddled thinking as you've shown in this thread.  heck,
> Tim even introduced the term "douglas-sequences" in contrast to
> "python-sequences" in order to make any sense of what you were
> arguing about that time.  not the kind of behaviour I'd expect from
> anyone who wants to be taken seriously.

Your characterization of the past debate is not only a self-serving
caricature, but it is disingenuous as well.  I never attacked or
misrepresented anyone -- I merely disagreed with them.  Only you
attacked anyone, Fredrik.  As you chose to do again.  And

> two years later, you haven't learned a thing; that's pretty tragic.

And you still resort to insults, rather than reason.  Yes, tragic,
especially for someone who is apparently an icon of the Python

And speaking of "proof" for one's point -- you never provided a single
iota of evidence, much less proof, for the idea that tuples should
only be used as records, except for that you and Guido say so.


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