OT: Why -g when compiling

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Wed Dec 24 11:59:32 CET 2003

miki.tebeka at zoran.com (Miki Tebeka) writes:

> Hello Michael,
> > > Can anyone tell me why when builiding Python gcc gets "-g" option as well as "-O3"?
> > > Apart from bigger objects what does "-g" gives a non-developer of Python?
> > 
> > It means if you manage to core python, we can hold your hands to find
> > out with gdb where it's crashed.  Why do you ask?  
> Just out of curiosity. Seen it in many apps when building and always
> wondered.
> > Disk space is cheap.
> Yes but memory sometimes isn't.

True.  I don't know if the various linkers around are smart enough to
not load debugging information until it's asked for...

> On my cygwin installation the libpython2.3.dll goes from 2.9MB to
> 1.1MB. On machines with little RAM (embdded ...) this matters a lot.

Oh sure, but if you're in an embedded situation, I would *hope* that
you don't just blindly use the default compile options!


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