Python's 8-bit cleanness deprecated?

Carlos Ribeiro cribeiro at
Tue Feb 4 02:57:14 CET 2003

On Monday 03 February 2003 08:04 pm, Brian Quinlan wrote:
> The effort required to do that doesn't strike me as significant. How
> many total source files do you have that have non-ASCII characters in
> them?

For me it's rather extreme - I doubt I have a single source file *without* 
non-ASCII characters. I heavily document my code, mostly in Portuguese, and 
using the Latin-1 encoding most of the time.

BTW, it's interesting that I just replied to a related question regarding the 
CSV API. As a brazilian, I'm not only Latin-1 bound - we also use d/m/y dates 
and comma as decimal separators. <sigh>

Carlos Ribeiro

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