The 3D picture of Python

Laura Creighton lac at
Sat Feb 8 10:20:24 CET 2003

> Richard Jones wrote:
> > On Sat, 8 Feb 2003 1:55 pm, Brandon Van Every wrote:
> >
> >> - Python itself is rather piggish in that it doesn't have 4-byte
> >> floats, and pads 8-byte doubles with an extra 8 bytes of Python
> >> object overhead.
> >
> > Again with abusive language like "piggish". You're really not big on
> > the social skills, are ya pal?
> Christ, Richard, I've not met anyone in 10 years of Usenetting who's so
> touchy about choice of words.  

It is a trademark around here.  We are trying to produce an envirornment
where the shiest, most delicate novice will feel comfortable asking
questions, even questions that are _really_ _stupid_.  So we worry a lot
about whether certain postings carry with it the message 'only the
tough need post here'.  We want 'gentle' even though it is a hard,
often unattainable goal.


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