will Python do me good?

samphdauto samj at eisa.net.au
Sat Feb 1 01:03:26 CET 2003

Hello every one.. Well, this is the first time I post here since I am
thinking of learning Python... my background is VB and wanting to find
a better language in order to build my project and not sure if Python
is my best option. So your input is greatly appreciated.
My project will need to extract and re-organize information form the
web into my Access database under W2K. The info could be text, data,
files, images, sound files, listings, HTML parsing, sound parsing and

So if I give it a list of websites. I will need to write the code to
get specific info from that site or page. So it may need to drill down
to get to the info. I am not sure if I am making enough sense to you.
I hope I am.


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