Best Python book(s) for a pre-teen?

Mike Silva snarflemike at
Wed Feb 19 00:14:46 CET 2003

snarflemike at (Mike Silva) wrote in message news:<20619edc.0302181127.6ad39e68 at>...

> One other question -- I'd like him to be able to do simple graphics
> fairly early, since I think it makes the whole self-learning process
> much more interesting.  I'm talking about things like points, lines,
> circles, fills, etc.  Is there a binding to the Win32 graphics
> primatives in 2.2.2, or can I find one someplace?  If this is a RTFM
> question, any pointers to TFM chapter, etc would be appreciated!

OK, in poking around more I discovered Tkinter and the turtle module. 
This looks like it will be fine -- certainly kept me entertained for
the last hour!

(If this message comes through as a new thread rather than a followup,
it's a google strangeness happening...)


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