Just for fun - PickleRPC

Irmen de Jong irmen at -NOSPAM-REMOVE-THIS-xs4all.nl
Thu Feb 27 22:19:48 CET 2003

Skip Montanaro wrote:
> Trying to speed up a simple client/server application in the spambayes world
> I decided to try replacing XML-RPC with a simpler protocol.  I wound up with
> an RPC protocol running over raw sockets which uses pickle as the
> serialization format. 

Checked it out briefly - I saw that you "snagged" something from xmlrpclib,
namely (a part of) the dynamic proxy. How does this proxy work? Does it
deal with direct attribute access (object.attribute) and nested
lookups (object.attribute.subattr.method() )?

I still have to fix Pyro's dynamic proxy -- it can't yet deal with
nested lookups. So I was wondering if I could "snag" some stuff from
here :-)

Irmen de Jong.

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