pycrust editor

Erik Lechak elechak at
Fri Feb 7 09:34:44 CET 2003

Hello all,

Sorry for asking but I have been searching for hours now.  I am using
wxPython and like the pyCrust shell.  But I can't seem to find an
editor that gives me the same type aware autocompletion as the shell (
boa constructor does, but it's a little overkill at times).  I took a
look at SciTE and thought that I hit the jackpot.  But it does not
seem to understand python as well as pyCrust (or boa contructor) even
with the generated python.api file.  Then I looked at the screenshot
for SciTE here:

The screenshot is of SciTE editing a file called 
Sounds just like what I am looking for.  Does anyone know anything
about this editor and where I can get it?

Erik Lechak

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