Cleanest C++ Interface to Python

Peter Hansen peter at
Sun Feb 2 23:49:47 CET 2003

Brandon Philips wrote:
> I am writing a custom user-level USB-HID driver for a device I created for a
> research process.  My colleague who is writing the gui and surrounding
> software presented to the user wants to use Python for its obvious
> advantages.  My software is all written in "un-managed" C++ compiled with
> VC++ 7.0 (or .NET).  Now as I see it I have a few options to give him the
> ability to call my "low-level" driver from Python:
> Embedding Python
> Visual Python
> My experience with .NET is minimal so if Visual Python requires to much .NET
> knowledge I would like to avoid it.  So what option of the three do you
> think is the easiest and most viable for an experienced C++ developer who
> wants the cleanest interface to Python?

Perhaps none of the three... try Googling for "python ctypes module".



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