For review: PEP 308 - If-then-else expression

Ebo NOSPAMebo at unicornDOTdemonDOTnl
Fri Feb 7 20:13:12 CET 2003

>     Examples of how this works out:
>         x if C else y if D else z <==> x if C else (y if D else z)
>         x or y if C else z        <==> (x or y) if C else z
> 	x if C else y or z        <==> x if C else (y or z)
>         lambda: x if C else y     <==> lambda: (x if C else y)
>         x if C else lambda: y     <==> SyntaxError
>         x if C else y, z          <==> (x if C else y), z
>         x, y if C else z          <==> x, (y if C else z)

Hi all,

Allthough I think this form of if statements could be
useful in some cases, I seriously doubt whether Python
really _needs_ this _feature_.

Apart from this construct looks rather unpythonic.

So, unless some really good arguments come along, I'd
vote nay...



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