Does anyone know how to use spawn with OSX?

Jose Galvez jjgalvez at
Thu Feb 13 19:01:32 CET 2003

HMM then I must be doing something wrong, I am trying to use it to copy some
files with the ditto command and when I run the command I get back what I am
assuming is a PID but nothing happends (at least the files I wanted copied
don't seem to be copied).  I'll give it an other try and see what happends


"Michael Hudson" <mwh at> wrote in message
news:7h3u1f8tid6.fsf at
> Jose <Jose at> writes:
> > Does anyone know how to use spawnv with OSX, specifically jaguar?
> The same as on any other unix... if you want to launch a GUI app, I
> think you want to shell out to 'open'.
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> M.
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