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Wed Feb 19 21:44:19 CET 2003

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003 19:58:21 -0000, KrayZee--J 
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> I have tried to install this on Windows and run into a lot of problems.
> First of all I had to install:
> Qt (latest version but it is a demo - the non commercial version doesn't
> work with QScintilla)
> PyQt
> QScintilla
> PyQt doesn't build properly, maybe because it is meant for the
> non-commercial version of Qt (version 2.3!) but then QScintilla requires 
> Qt
> 3 or above.
> The thing is I don't even want to develop any Qt software so I don't want
> the whole SDK installed. I've looked for a simple binary runtime download 
> on
> the Trolltech site but they don't seem to have one! It would be a good 
> idea
> to make a binary package of Eric3 (ie. with PyQt extension prebuilt and 
> Qt ,
> QScintilla runtime components only (just the dlls)). Maybe put Qt and
> QScintilla in a separate download in case people already have them.
> It looks an excellent IDE by the look of the screenshots. I'm sure you 
> would
> have much more users if it was easier to install!
> John

Don't get me started....

I agree - it might be more popular if it was possible to install it.  Keep 
in mind however, it is not licensed to be run under Windows because Qt is 
not GPL'd for Win32.  I was reminded of this and was told to stop trying to 
install it on Windows.  Also, even if you could get it installed, I  don't 
think it was even tested or coded to run on Win32 so it probably has all 
kinds of gotchas.

I also tried a fresh install of Linux for the sole purpose of checking this 
IDE out and gave up after 3 days of failing to satisfy all dependencies.  
The older verison went in no problem, but it lacks most of the features of 
v3.  You are not alone in your installation woes...


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