One drawback of python...

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Feb 12 15:10:33 CET 2003

Gumuz wrote:
> One drawback of python I recently realised is that it takes away a lot of
> fun in 'other' programming languages. I programmed in Delphi on and off, for
> a few years. I only started doing python for half a year and I'm totally in
> love with it and capable of many, many more things then I can with Delphi.
> But once in a while I'd like to do something in Delphi again and after one
> day of fiddling around it frustrates me. It's no fun anymore, everything
> seems to be so obfuscated. I have to look up everything and everything and
> everything I need to do seems to include steps that seem so useless to me.

There's a solution to that, I suppose, which I've been using for about
two years now.  Don't "go back" to those other languages...  this is the
approach to the question of whether to use another language. ;-)

(Actually, when I have to program in C, I find my code is much more 
readable than it was before I learned Python, and I sort of enjoy
it as a bit of a break, although I do hurry back.  Look on the bright
side and don't think of this as a disadvantage and life is better.)


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