OT - Python with CVS or SourceSafe

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Mon Feb 3 23:15:36 CET 2003

dsavitsk wrote:
> "Peter Hansen" <peter at engcorp.com> wrote:
> > dsavitsk wrote:
> > >
> > > "dsavitsk" <dsavitsk at e-coli.net> wrote in message
> > > news:ma5%9.212$PH1.115538 at newssrv26.news.prodigy.com...
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> > > Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm not sure the decision is a lot
> > > easier now ;-)
> >
> > If you didn't read the part in my reply about data loss with Visual
> > SourceSafe, or the comments in the links posted by another person, then
> > I suppose the decision might still be a little difficult... ;-)
> But I also read stories of data loss in CVSNT when using Symantec Antivirus,
> which  I am, and which I am not going to stop, and perforce is a little
> pricey, and many of the other suggestions are either as complicated/under
> documented as CVS or are still in beta. 

What beta?  CVS is not in beta.  There is a beta of a new version of 
WinCVS, but nobody's forcing anyone to download that.  Use 1.2 instead
of 1.3b8 if that's your concern.

And what's CVSNT?  If you mean CVS on NT, then I can't comment on
data loss, except to say that I wouldn't trust an MS OS not to lead
to data loss in any case, but we used CVS on an NT file share for months
before moving it to pserver on Linux and had no troubles with either.


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