PEP 308: I liked the original proposal better

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Mon Feb 24 18:20:41 CET 2003

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>> Short-circuiting and everything else required in one.
>> this-was-going-to-be-a-wink-but-I-like-this-idea-ly yours
>Better put the wink back in. :) Unfortunately, it doesn't provide short
>circuiting for any of the times when short-circuiting is actually
>important - it's unlikely that a parameterless function call would be that
>useful, not to mention the more common uses like preventing invalid
>attribute access, preventing divide by zero, etc. :(

Sure it does:
>>> def ifelse(cond, true, false, call=False):
...     if cond:
...         if call:
...             return true()
...         else:
...             return true
...     else:
...         if call:
...             return false()
...         else:
...             return false
>>> a 
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
NameError: name 'a' is not defined
>>> b = 42
>>> ifelse('a' in globals(), lambda : a, lambda : b, True)

to add additional magic, let call default to None and say:

if call or call is None and callable(true):


if call or call is None and callable(false):

and you only need to set call to False if you want to return
a (non-lazy) callable.

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