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>We're having problems with the threading.  The program runs on both
>windows and Linux and we're having trouble finding a good, free,
>multi-platform threading library that doesn't clobber our build
>process.  The simluation is really easy to make parrallel, we just
>need to run the same function over and over. So my thought is maybe we
>could use python to do the multithreading as well.

You could use Python do control threads in a cross-platform way, but
you'd probably be better off using a C or C++ threading library, since
otherwise you'd expend unnecessary effort calling Python threading
primitives from C++. You might want to look at the omnithread part of
omniORB, which provides a cross-platform C++ threading interface. See

You can see the omnithread header at*checkout*/omniorb/omni/include/Attic/omnithread.h?rev=

>Can you "pause" a thread?  

Not in a cross-platform way without cooperation from the threads. The
easiest thing is to have the threads you might want to pause check a
flag once in a while, and block on a condition variable if they are
asked to.



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