help with warning formatting

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Feb 6 19:40:55 CET 2003

Mike Brown wrote:
> I'm trying to get the hang of warnings.
> % cat
> import warnings
> warnings.warn('foo')
> % python
> UserWarning: foo
>   warnings.warn('foo')
> Is there a way to just issue the warning message itself, or to at least
> suppress printing the line where the warning occurred ("
> warnings.warn('foo')" in the example)?
> See, I want to warn the user of my application that they're doing something
> risky or improper, so I just want to emit the 'foo', subject to the usual
> determination of whether the warning needs to be printed at all. For my
> purposes, the user doesn't need to know where the warning occurred, and they
> certainly don't need to see pieces of the call stack.

The documentation for the warning module tells you how to change the
formatting of the output...


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