Python for small systems (ucLinux)

William Park opengeometry at
Fri Feb 14 03:28:23 CET 2003

David Brown <david at> wrote:
>> Do you *have* to have python, or are you just looking for an
>> interpreter so you don't have to write in C/C++? While I love Python,
>> for truly limited environments you probably can't beat Lua (
>> ). The interpreter compiles to less than 100k, and
>> it's explicitly designed to let you separate the parser/compiler from
>> the runtime.
> No, I don't have to have Python, but it would be useful to have the
> application run cross-platform (i.e., embedded ucLinux for those that
> want that, or on a PC for those that prefer it), and python is
> definitely my first choice for PC programming (Linux and/or Windows -
> and Mac too, I guess, although I haven't used one in years).  I'll
> have a look at lua later today, however.

How about "Basic"?

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