print to screen and file with one print statement

Two Inches missedby2inches at
Wed Feb 12 22:34:46 CET 2003

How about this:

class writer :
	def __init__(self, *writers) :
		self.writers = writers

	def write(self, text) :
		for w in self.writers :

import sys

saved = sys.stdout
fout = file('out.log', 'w')
sys.stdout = writer(sys.stdout, fout)
print "There you go."
sys.stdout = saved

Mike Müller wrote:
> I would like to send my print statements to the terminal and to a log
> file at the same time. I can use redirect as describe in Dive into
> Python:
> import sys
> print 'Dive in'                                          
> saveout = sys.stdout                                     
> fsock = open('out.log', 'w')
> sys.stdout = fsock                                 
> print 'This message will be logged but not displayed' 
> print 'This message should be logged and also displayed'
> sys.stdout = saveout                                     
> fsock.close()    
> This redirects all output from Python to the open file.
> At the same time I'd like to see all printed text on screen.
> How can I do this?
> Thanks 
> Mike

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