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David Mertz mertz at
Mon Feb 24 18:41:00 CET 2003

|A really good tool would show the accessible symbols in a quiet
|window, as you write code.  An effective interface would let you
|retrieve one of them into your document.  Do you think this would help
|you, David?

I like code-completion, or code-hints, in an editor quite a bit.
However, the only "editor" I use on a daily basis that has this feature
is the Python interactive shell (with rlcompleter2, in my case; other
versions do similar things, such as ipython).

I have a lot of considerations in the editors I use:  platform, mode
(text/shh/gui), cost, ease of installation, syntax highlighting, decent
handling of prose paragraph indents, non-mysterious keystrokes, visual
interaction with options (e.g. top-bar menus), speed, special utilities,
configurability, and so on.  The way it turns out with my various
desires, I haven't found a code-completion editor that does well enough
on my other criteria to make it to the top.

Yours, David...

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