Myth: Python is ideal for beginners

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> [Pedro]
> > Okay, that is very true. Thanks for pointing it out . I can try and
> > start one.  But my point remains that people shouldnt say 'Python is
> > ideal for beginners'
> I look forward to your tutorial.  In addition, you may want to post
> reviews of the existing tutorials.  You will no doubt have a unique
> perspective on them.  If you can find a way to share that so that the
> tutorials are improved, we will all be better off.
> By the way, why do you suppose they say that Python is ideal for

Actually, there's a very simple answer for that. Guido worked
on the ABC language when he was in university. There was a
large amount of work in that language on what worked for beginners
and what didn't. He brought most of it over to Python.

For example, Python's required indentation came from ABC.

John Roth

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