Perl Vs Python

Jon Perez jbperez808 at
Fri Feb 28 03:14:16 CET 2003

> ... "Python vs. Perl" is a a typical trolling question that has been
> answered hundreds of times.

I think that 'Python vs. Perl' is a very valid question to ask
for esp. for someone who has tried neither.  It is also a
question worth asking again every so often as both languages
are ever-evolving.

It need not lead to trolls or flamewars if people gave
intelligent answers and do not become overly sentimental
or defensive about their favorite language/technology.

I've learned some new things reading good arguments about
Perl's virtues in this thread and have cringed seeing
newbies flamed/ganged up on for questioning Python.

Fwiw, I'm *heavily* in favour of Python over Perl and
consider it the correct choice in 90% or more of
programming situations but am always interested in
reading intelligent criticisms of it.

Python vs. Ruby, anyone? :-)

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