STV again (was Re: PEP 308 vote type (was Re: Update to PEP308: if-then-else expression))

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> >I think if you construct all cases in which approval and STV give
> >different results, STV's outcome is a better match for the voters'
> >collective preferences.
> Not according to
> If we're going to go through the rigamarole of STV, we're
> going for Condorcet, which is provably better than STV.
> Note that STV == IRV (Instant Runoff Voting).

Here is a 'do both' compromise.  List alternatives A, B, C, ... with
'do-nothing' at top or bottom.  Voting instruction: list alternatives
in order of preference, and use a vertical bar '|' to separate
acceptable from unacceptable alternatives.  Example: CA|BD.  Then the
votes could be analyzed both as preference votes and and approval
votes.  (Python makes this pretty simple to do 8-).  Given that the
vote is advisory, multiple analyses are acceptible, even with varying

Terry J. Reedy

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