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Lexy Zhitenev zhitenev at cs.vsu.ru
Tue Feb 18 15:16:28 CET 2003

Certainly. You can look into win32... series modules. They can help you a lot. 
You can also take a look into a 'Python Developer's Handbook' by André Lessa. It presents some small examples for many modules from standard library. http://www.lessaworld.com
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  I'm a newbie and I just wanted to ask a straightforward question regarding Python.  I've been asked to develop a small browser based utility that regularly scans multiple Windows 2000 fileservers and picks up settings (eg disk space, services running, registry key values, etc) and dumps them into an HTML/XML/ASP file, and I've been told that Python could do this.  I've had a look at some examples of Python, but they really are basic; variables, functions, that kind of thing, so I don't really know how to get started on this.

  Could anyone tell me a) if this is possible in Python and b) where I could find good reference material for pulling such stuff out of a Windows box.  I'm not new to programming, but my recent experience is in HTML, ASP and Javascript.

  Many thanks,

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