ODBC / DAO installation using Python?

David dlashar at sprynet.com
Thu Feb 6 14:08:20 CET 2003

Yes, it's the Jet engine I'm using, and it's fine for my purposes.  And,
definitely yes, it's the installation process with which I've got issues.
As recommended, I'm trying to get rid of DAO... which I believe I *should*
be able to do w/ Python, if only I could succeed at making a few C calls to
one or two particular dll files... just as the odbc_installer is supposed to
enable a Pythonista to do.  Unfortunately, as indicated in a separate (more
recent) post, I can't get odbc_installer (from the dynwin package) to work.
All I need to do, it seems, is make a few method calls in C to a couple of
dlls, and I'd be all set.  (I do know the args I need to pass, etc.)  This
technique of using Python to make calls to C is totally new to me, however,
so I'm not making much progress.  (I couldn't even begin to say how to do
'hello world' in C.)  Thanks in advance for any further


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