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Mike Meyer mwm at
Thu Feb 6 02:59:10 CET 2003

"Brandon Van Every" <vanevery at> writes:

> Mike Meyer wrote:
> > Linux is just a kernel. It can't really do anything about being more
> > user-friendly. The software bundled by the distributers can get more
> > user-friendly. They can probably do it without creating something as
> > friable as the registry, and remaining expert-friendly.
> Linux is a community.  Clearly, a community can do something about its OS
> standards.  Of course you're working with a decentralized, open community,
> which has its advantages and disadvantages.

This is only true for very strange definitions of "Linux" and
"community." I don't really feel like debating definitions.

> > The Open Source community is the only one that's trying to solve power
> > user + newbie design problems simultaneously.
> I don't agree.  For 3D graphics, W2K and beyond do just fine for the power
> user, and they're much more newbie friendly.  To say that Microsoft doesn't
> deal with any power user issues is silly, and they're way ahead of Linux on
> ease of use.

I didn't say that MS doesn't deal with any power user issues, I said
they weren't trying to solve them. They provide very fragile platforms
that tend to fall over if you try and do anything strange - like
leaving them turned on overnight. Power users need software they can
depend on, and that can be tailored to their work habits. MS doesn't
provide it. Other companies may provide dependable software that runs
on top of MS's platform, but that's not MS's doing.

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