float / double support in Python?

Kim Petersen kp at kyborg.dk
Wed Feb 12 16:36:47 CET 2003

Brandon Van Every wrote:
> Alexander Schmolck wrote:
>>"Brandon Van Every" <vanevery at 3DProgrammer.com> writes:
(severely cutted)
>>And yes, we should all use
>>multibyte chars, because guess what, out of the about 6 billion
>>people around only a fraction exclusively uses characters in the
>>ascii range
> Then why is this newsgroup in English?  Why is so much code written in
> English?

English because its the language that most people have in common (being 
able to understand and make themselves understandable in).

Code is written in English because the programming languages are done in 
english (and most won't allow foreign char variables etc.).

Most programs though (at least those that i see - here in Denmark) that 
are used by everyday people - the office clerk - the secretary - the 
corporate boss etc. *is* internationalized - it *will* use and allow 
foreign characters - like my everyday: æøå - and for my friends a bit 
south (around 80Km) üß and for my friends east of me (around 150Km): äöä 
and for my friends to the north (around 150Km) ......

whether this be simple iso8859-1 or UTF-8 i don't care - but one of my 
customers would - he trades alot with chinese, taiwanese etc. - so ....

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