How to simulate VB/Access - Databasing.

Aaron Held aaron at
Wed Feb 5 20:05:34 CET 2003

"Rhymes" <raims at> wrote
> On Wed, 05 Feb 2003 19:22:33 +1100, Steven Taylor wrote:
> > Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> You could use MySQL as database backend with mysqldb module and wxPython
> as your GUI. Take a look at Boa IDE/RAD and GUI builder

I've also tacked this problem, and reporting is the big issue to me. 
I would rather build the logic in Python and GUI in wxWindows, but I
have never seen a tool as good as Access to allow the end user to
create thier own reports.

Of course you could build it and leave the reporting to Crystal
reports, but then its not really an single integrated (python) app.

If you need free/open source the best idea that I have come across is
to use an HTML template to render the reports.  That is very weak
compared to the visual builder of Windows tools.

I would also welcome some ideas in this space.  
I've toyed w/ Jython -> JasperReports, but they do not have a really
good end user interface either.

-Aaron Held

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