Python Ok under Win2000?

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Wed Feb 12 22:56:32 CET 2003

Chris Garland wrote:
> Our company is thinking of making the grand leap from Win95 (yes
> really... 95) to Win2000.  I've written some Python that automates
> some of our documentation.  The program will go into Source Safe pull
> files out into a directory, gather some data on those files and write
> the results into a table in Word97.  I understand I may have some
> Python tweaking to do if the company decides to move to a newer
> version of Word but has anyone experienced issues with purely OS
> migration?
> Thanks

Python works fine on Win2k - however, sometimes Windows doesn't <wink>. 
  There are subtle differences between the platform, and in general, 
Python does nothing to hide that.  However, in general, stuff will work 
fine on both platforms - particularly, moving from 9x->NT will cause 
less surprises than moving from NT->9x.

I'm very happy XP is now the consumer OS - getting 9x off the planet is 
a good thing.


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